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which is to be applauded

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I could quite possibly count the number of times I was able to use an object in the environment on one hand, and it was never to do anything particularly fun or arduous. You also quickly find that as well as a lack of interactivity, there’s also a distinct lack of peril on your adventure. Cheap RS Gold Sure, you encounter things that could harm little Rae, but the game makes sure that nothing ever does, with Rae forcibly backing herself away from anything that she perceives as dangerous.

Crossing a busy road for example becomes a simple task of finding a crossing and pushing a button to stop the traffic lights, as you cannot attempt to cross any other way. Granted, I don’t particularly want to see a little girl get hurt –RS 07 Gold it wouldn t suit the tone of the game – but it also trivialises Rae’s adventure and makes it just too safe. When I first delved in to Beyond Eyes I really thought it was going to be something special, and to some degree It'still is.

The barebones storytelling successfully manages to create an adventure that is both heartwarming yet crushingly depressing at the same time, which is to be applauded. Unfortunately the gameplay itself is just dire. If you have the patience of a saint and want to play something entirely unique than you may get something more out of Beyond Eyes than others, but for most it's dawdling and repetitive nature will feel too much like hard work for what is on offer. cheaprsgolds Beyond Eyes  is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We reviewed the Xbox One version.Beyond Eyes ReviewLooks beautifulHighly originalNice audioGameplay is so very, very slowNot much to interact withNavigating environments can be confusing

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