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Catherine deserves a place on the currentgen shelves Runescape gold

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It s always nice to play something a little different once in a while, and the interactive story kept you gripped, whilst the puzzles kept you shouting at the TV for hours on end or was that just me? Either way, Catherine deserves a place on the currentgen shelves Runescape Gold , or at least a sequel. We d settle for a sequel.Being chased by this bigass freaky giant baby in Catherine is one of the scariest things ever. Apart from gettiing chased by a giant arse. Yeah, that happens.3.

Lego Harry PotterThere s more Lego games than there are hot dinners lately, but to me, the newer iterations fall a bit short of the classic formula they used to have. For me, the Harry Potter games hit the mark perfectly. I 100% ed them both on Xbox 360, so I suppose I could play them through again on PS3, but I d love to see a complete release of years 17 on PS4 and Xbox One.4. Guitar HeroCome on. It s time to rock by now, surely? Guitar Hero has long been a staple feature of any gamer s house party.RS 07 Gold It s time we had new songs and new guitars for the new generation.5. The Curse of Monkey IslandThe third Monkey Island game never seems to get much recognition and is completely overshadowed by the first game for some reason, but it s by far my favourite, and one of the best pointandclick games out there.

Its simplistic 2D cartoon style graphics mean that it has stood the test of time well, so it could be brought up to date with minimal effort. With Grim Fandango being released later this month, I can only hope that its the beginning of a whole host of the LucasArts back catalogue. thersgolds The world needs more Guybrush Threepwood!6. KatamariWhen I first heard the description of a Katamari game, I thought what on earth is this load of crap? Then I played it. And I realised I was playing one of the most awesome and typically Japanesecrazy things ever made. Who doesn t want to destroy entire world by rolling it all into a giant ball? NOT ME. More Katamari , please, thanks.7.

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